NewNet Consulting Ltd. Software development, Software testing and IT Consulting

Newnet Consulting is a nearshore information technology enterprise offering development, technical support and testing services to its customers and partners with the mediation of acclaimed European consulting companies.

To meet business policies and requirement, we offer:

  • a professional team with a professional attitude
  • company-owned infrastructure and resources
  • a safe knowledge base with a strict data security policy

Newnet Consulting is a Certified Partner of Microsoft.

A professional attitude

  • Experience gained in a multinational environment: Our company refined its work ethics and solutions in its long history of consulting and cooperating with European and multinational corporations, becoming finely accustomed with offshore, nearshore, and on-site methods alike. Communicative and cooperative experience gathered in these circumstances provide the strong backbone for our practices, while keeping them genuinely flexible, easily and readily conforming to customer's corporate policy and special project requirements.
  • Cutting edge technologies: Newnet takes pride in employing the most current and recent technologies available in development and quality control alike to satisfy customer needs. Employees are required to exhibit genuine interest in proceedings of their specialist field and evolution of tools and methodologies, and develop a habit of life-long learning by self-study and earning widely acclaimed professional certificates.
  • Following industry's standards and best practices: When it comes to software solutions, solid quality, smooth delivery, and adaptability (both in terms of trouble-free maintenance, and fitting in with existing solutions, even legacy systems) form the strong back-bone of all business demands, keeping software industry on their toes. Newnet keeps a close eye on proceedings and practices to assist its customers the better by turning recent developments by companies like MS, Oracle, BEA, or IBM into sturdy, capable, and business-friendly solutions.
  • Delivering complete solutions: In addition to providing distinct products and services our company is capable of providing entire solutions, including:
    • consultancy
    • planning and design
    • project management
    • implementation
    • testing
    • support

Safe Knowledge Base and Data Security

Safe-guarding and managing confidential business and development information related to or handed over by a customer is of the highest importance to us.

  • On-site documentation and source code repository: Proven information management methods and well-documented processes guarantee that no data are lost or leaked.
  • Dedicated systems: With company-owned server and specialist resources it is possible to create completely isolated, closed-circuit environments for development, testing, and safe-keeping confidential project data.
  • Dedicated resources over dedicated channels: Newnet specialists are exclusively dedicated to projects. Team members share project information dynamically and systematically, and are replaced transparently if the need emerges. On request safe, encrypted channels for confidential data exchange between team and customer are provided as well.
  • Office security: Besides being located in an environment devoid of rival software companies, company quarters also boast composite security systems, with intrusion indicators directly monitored by security service partners.

Infrastructure and Resources

  • Office space: Company-owned quarters make space for working on projects of any kind of magnitude and purpose.
  • Technical background: Newnet's own server park makes it possible to set up and dedicate a separate environment for each development or testing project.
  • Professional resources: Newnet is staffed to form effective and flexible teams of developers (with expertise in MS .NET and JAVA/J2EE), a separate team of testing experts (with a wealth of experience in various fields of testing), and dedicated specialist to handle and maintain technical infrastructure.